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Cost Savings with Midel Products on ester base

Cost Savings

MIDEL means less cost

The advantages of MIDEL ester fluids, such as their high fire and flash points, biodegradability, oxidation stability and excellent moisture tolerance, are acknowledged throughout the power industry. In addition, these positive features also lead directly to cost savings:

Savings on civil works

For example, there are longer term savings to be gained from civils savings during the construction phase of the substation or transformer location. Distances between assets can be reduced and often fire suppression equipment can be reduced or rendered unnecessary. All these elements combine to substantially reduce overall costs.

Cost savings wit Midel 7131

Lower insurance premiums

The use of MIDEL ester fluids can also reduce insurance premiums. Insurers such as FM Global may offer such cost savings for customers installing ester filled transformers, or “retrofilling” mineral oil units with MIDEL; this is because such transformers deliver much improved risk mitigation in terms of fire safety and environmental protection.

To learn more about how MIDEL transformer fluids can deliver cost savings for your project, contact us today.