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fire protection with Midel 7131 synthetic ester oil

Transformer fire protection with MIDEL

Fires in mineral oil-filled transformers are notoriously unforgiving, spreading very quickly and causing extensive damage, often including human casualties. Worldwide, transformer fires are reported with disconcerting frequency.

MIDEL ester transformer fluids provide the perfect solution in terms of transformer fire protection. Used and respected globally, MIDEL fluids have an impeccable fire safety record – international insurers FM Global® and Underwriters Laboratory (UL) have listed MIDEL fluids as less flammable fluids for dielectric purposes. This means they require lower fire safety measures than mineral oil.

In addition, MIDEL’s fire safe properties allow for their use in transformers inside buildings and other critical areas where mineral oil would not be acceptable.

Increased safety can also mean reduced project costs. The costs for safeguarding against the risk of fire (such as fire suppression systems) can be significantly moderated when using a fire-safe ester fluid.

The bottom line is risk mitigation. MIDEL is tested, proven and acknowledged worldwide as Best Practice; our customers specify MIDEL instead of mineral oil as a strategy against compromising safety.

Read the MIDEL Transformer Risk Report here.