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MIDEL Regen - new synthetic transformer oil

The world’s first regenerated ester transformer fluid

K-Class – Readily Biodegradable – Extends Asset Life

MIDEL Regen is derived from in-service synthetic ester fluid which would otherwise be scheduled for disposal.  It delivers the same MIDEL benefits of superior fire safety, environmental protection and improved transformer performance.

The superior oxidation resistance over natural esters is what enables end of life synthetic ester to be regenerated into MIDEL Regen. This can take place as assets are being decommissioned or at the end of the fluid’s initial useful life. Using MIDEL Regen helps to make transformers even greener while also delivering:

  • Increased fire safety
  • Greater environmental protection
  • Transformer life extension

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Midel Regen - regenerate

Since the 1970s MIDEL synthetic ester transformer fluid has been used in millions of assets worldwide, displacing mineral oil and PCBs with a safer, greener alternative. With MIDEL Regen, transformer owner/operators now have the reassurance that the insulating fluid can be regenerated at the end of its useful life – and the knowledge they are using the most sustainable insulating fluid for their transformer fleets.

MIDEL Regen meets the electrical and chemical performance parameters of IEC 61099, the standard for new synthetic ester transformer fluids. 

specifications of synthetic ester oil MIDEL Regen

As a MIDEL Service Partner, MV-Lub is perfectly positioned to work with you regarding MIDEL Regen – please contact us at to discuss your project.