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POWER TRANSFORMERS willed with MIDEL 7131 and MIDEL eN 1204

Power transformers (generally, those rated above 33 kV) are critical assets in energy infrastructure. They are also expensive and difficult to transport. Power transformers are often deployed in areas of high density population or environmental sensitivity, so fire safety and eco-protection are also prime considerations.

That’s why the world’s leading utilities and transformer manufacturers turn to MIDEL ester fluids.

MIDEL eN 1204, MIDEL eN 1215 and MIDEL 7131 are all suitable for use in power transformer applications up to 400kV. The fluids all offer the benefits of being readily biodegradable (avoiding environmental damage should leakage occur) and enabling reductions in containment measures. MIDEL 7131 is perfectly suited for non-breathing and breathing transformers (due to its excellent oxidation stability) located indoors or outside. In 2016, MIDEL 7131 was specified and used in a 400kV urban transformer installation in London.

Our natural ester fluids MIDEL eN 1204 (rapeseed) and MIDEL eN 1215 (soya) are produced from renewable vegetable oils, providing an effective, environmentally friendly solution for non free-breathing power transformers. MIDEL eN 1204 (rapeseed), with its pour point of -31°C, is better suited to colder installation climates than soy-based natural ester fluids.