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As the use of MIDEL grows worldwide, we are supplying an increasing number of industrial customers with our natural and synthetic ester fluids. Industrial customers include factories, warehouses, retail stores, hospitals – any facility where the transformer is on-site or in the building itself.

Our industrial customers enjoy the acknowledged MIDEL benefits such as fire safety, environmental protection and superior moisture tolerance; however, in addition these customers are often seeing reduced maintenance costs, reduced insurance premiums and in the case of retrofilling an existing transformer, the avoidance of capital expenditure.

Transformers are often cited as one of the top five high-risk assets – and the flammability and toxicity of mineral oil clearly highlights the possible dangers of its use as a dielectric fluid. MIDEL ester fluids proactively mitigates that risk, being fully/readily biodegradable, non-toxic and providing 100% fire safety.

MIDEL ester fluids provide a strong addition to a company’s efforts to demonstrate Corporate Social Responsibility and Business Continuity, in addition to providing a high level of confidence and reassurance to shareholders and investors.